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Easily modify the operating parameters of your GM or Ford 4-speed automatic transmission. Water/Methanol Injection Kit (Boost Dependent) for Forced Induction Gas Engines ; Water/Methanol Injection

Kit (Multi-Input) for High Compression NA Gas Engines The LS systems only work on LS based engines but i do have throttle body units that you can use on non-LS engines. The stand alone LS kits are the 70050 $795 (stand alone w/o trans control) or the 70051 $995 (stand alone w/ trans control) These kits come with the wiring harness, ECU, and handheld and will connect to all your stock sensors and injectors (as well as aftermarket injectors and 195 ACCEL/DFI GENERATION 7+ PROGRAMMABLE ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS MOST CAPABLE In addition,each and every DFI Generation 7+ Engine Control Module is capable of controlling a wide variety of both Price: $995.00Availability: In stock Will this system

fit an Edelbrock dual quad manifold? Yes, it was designed to fit them from the start. Every part of the Holley Sniper EFI Systen installation is a breeze but a few folks are challenged to get the idle rpm set correctly. Here are some tips! My situation started 06/20/2014. Dutifully went for smog check. Was told my monitors were at two, must be at one. Drive the car. I did that. Every smog guy said the same thing. Search. Barcelona - Spain

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Direct Fit Custom GM LSx Vortec LTx Engine Wiring Harness
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