3 way switch wiring dimmer switch to power

NOTE: There are only three connections for both the 3 Way Dimmer and the 3 Way Switch. The Power In or Power Out The Dimmer Power is typically the Black Wire. The Switch Terminal is typically the

single screw terminal at one end of the switch and is usually a Black Screw. Wiring a Standard 3-Way Dimmer Switch. Two Red wires: These wires attach to the "travelers" which are the pair of wires attached to the two screws at one end of the regular 3-way-switch. One Black wire: Attach to the wire commonly found on the screw by itself on the regular 3-way switch, typically the Power

or the Switch Leg leaving to the fixture (s). Remove the two black wires (or the black and taped white wires) and bend them out of the way. Bend the top wire upwards of the box and the bottom wire toward the bottom of the box so you will know where they get connected on the dimmer switch. Lastly, remove the ground wire and toss out the old three-way switch. 3 Way Dimmer Switch Wiring Diagrams. The following 3 diagrams show the wiring for a specially made dimmer that can

be used in these circuits in place of either of the the 3 way switches, or both. Splice the black wire bringing power to the switch to the black pigtail on the dimmer switch. To make this splice, hold the stranded pigtail wire against the solid copper wire so that their ends are even and screw on a wire nut. Splice the red and black travelers to the two red pigtail leads on the dimmer switch. Turn Off Power. Turn off the power to the circuit.Take Off the Cover. Remove the cover plate from the switch.Unscrew. Remove the two screws that secure the switch to the wall box and gently pull the switch …Position the Switch. Position the switch so that the side with the two screws is facing your right.See all full list on

doityourself.com Power to Switch Box #1, Switch Box #1 to Light, Light to Switch Box #2. In the following diagram, we show power entering switch #1, from switch #1 to the light, and from the light to switch #2. In this case, you will need a 3-wire from switch #1 to the light, and the light to switch #2. NOTE: This diagram … Offer: Free 2-day shipping for all Prime members

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